iSafe Mobile Tablets for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Ensure Safety Compliance in Oil & Gas with iSafe Tablets

In the oil and gas industry, intrinsically safe (IS) computers provide critical advantages for operations in hazardous environments. Their foremost benefit lies in safety compliance, explicitly designed to operate securely in potentially explosive atmospheres with flammable gases or vapors. This adherence to safety regulations, such as OSHA in the U.S. or the HSE in the U.K., enables companies to deploy computing solutions in crucial areas like drilling rigs and refineries without costly explosion-proof enclosures. C1D1/C1D2 computers also drastically reduce ignition risks by eliminating electrical sparks, arcs, or excessive heat, safeguarding personnel, equipment, and the environment. Their rugged construction and sealed enclosures ensure reliability, even in challenging settings such as offshore drilling platforms. Moreover, intrinsically safe computers enable remote monitoring and control of equipment, data acquisition for process optimization, and play a pivotal role in emergency response efforts. They are indispensable for ensuring safety, compliance, reliability, and efficiency in oil and gas operations amidst hazardous conditions.

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Advantages & Applications of iSafe Mobile Tablets for Oil and Gas Industries


Safety Inspections and Compliance

C1D1/C1D2 computers enable workers to conduct safety inspections and audits in hazardous areas to ensure compliance with stringent safety regulations. IS devices support the documentation of safety observations, the generation of digital reports, and the implementation of corrective actions.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

In refining and petrochemical plants, intrinsically safe tablets are used for process monitoring and control. Operators access real-time data on process parameters, equipment status, and alarms, allowing them to make adjustments and interventions as needed to maintain optimal performance and safety.
Field Data Acquisition

Field Data Acquisition

Intrinsically safe computers are deployed for real-time data acquisition in field operations, including monitoring drilling parameters, capturing well data, and recording environmental conditions. Their ability to safely operate in hazardous zones allows workers to input critical data directly into digital systems, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while mitigating safety risks.
Emergency Response

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

C1D1/C1D2 computers are vital in facilitating emergency response efforts during emergencies such as equipment failures or hazardous incidents. They provide access to emergency procedures, safety protocols, and communication channels, enabling swift and effective response actions to mitigate risks and minimize the impact of the incident.

Manage Mission-Critical Operations in the Oil & Gas Industry with iSafe Tablets

Intrinsically safe computers play indispensable roles across exploration, production, refining, and distribution operations. These specialized computers ensure safety and efficiency in hazardous environments with prevalent flammable gases and vapors. They enable real-time monitoring of drilling parameters during exploration and drilling, optimizing efficiency and safety. In production settings, particularly on offshore platforms and well sites, intrinsically safe computers facilitate remote equipment monitoring and control, ensuring smooth operations while adhering to rigorous safety standards.

Within refineries and processing plants, they manage refining processes and safety systems, maintaining operational integrity and compliance. Along pipelines and distribution networks, C1D1/C1D2 computers monitor for leaks and control critical infrastructure, minimizing environmental risks. Integrated into safety management systems, they oversee safety protocols and emergency responses, enhancing safety and risk mitigation. In logistics and supply chain management, these computers track inventory and manage shipments, ensuring timely deliveries while upholding safety and regulatory standards.

Oil and Gas Industry with iSafe Tablets

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